Review: Bahi Sunflower Sweets Serum

November 10, 2017


Hey loves!


Bahi Sunflower Sweets Serum caught my eye when scrolling along my Twitter feed. People were constantly commenting and asking on others’ posts, “Can you drop your skincare routine?”. One post in particular displayed a serum in a glass bottle filled with a dark liquid. At the time, I was already looking for a serum for my skincare routine but I was mainly on the search for a Vitamin C based serum for my scarring. But the post showed before and after pictures of using the product. I was shocked and intrigued so I then scrolled through the comments and saw others were praising the product as well. I went to Bahi’s website and saw their page of testimonials, it seemed to have an overall positive review and results.When I saw the before and after pictures of individuals testimonials that proclaimed they saw a difference within a day, I was skeptical. But their pictures really seemed to show an immense effect on their troubled skin.The retail price of the product was $20 for 1 oz and $37 for 2 oz. I placed my order in the beginning of the semester before school started. I purchased the 2 oz bottle because the 1 oz was out of stock but I told myself I would be saving money if I had to repurchase this product. A whole $3! It is currently November and three months have passed. Today, I am going to give a full review on what I think of this serum so far.


First off, when I first received the package, I examine the product packaging. It came in a glass bottle with a rubber dropper lid. It also had some dried petal-like articles at the bottom. Also for $37 and only 2 oz, it seemed like a decent amount of product! I was hesitant about the darkness of the liquid as well as the potent smell of an oily, almost greasy scent. But what was I expecting? It is sunflower oil. During the first month, I rarely used it because the thought of putting something oily on my already oily skin was intimidating. I maybe used it once a week at night before I went to bed. It was pretty thick in that it didn’t absorb straight away and I had to get used to the smell. I did get used to the scent as I couldn’t smell it anymore in the mornings. But when I would wake the up the next morning, I could tell a slight change in my ice pick scars as well as the redness of my active acne.

In September and October, I started gradually using it more to about two to three times a week, still at night. I never used it in the morning because, again, it did take awhile to absorb. Now, as it is November, I can see an overall difference in my skin. On one occasion, I broke out right before that time of the month. It was pretty painful and uncomfortable when it flared up but I used it at night and that morning, I couldn’t believe how much the redness calmed down and it being less sore. My skin still isn’t perfect but whose is? I also have to consider other factors such as my diet and lifestyle. But I definitely feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin as I highly recommend this product. I will keep you guys updated and if you have any other products for me to review just request them below.





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