Organization Tips: Desk/Dresser

November 2, 2017


Hey loves!


I am one of those people that like to come home from a long day to a clean household, well apartment for my situation. It’s sometimes hard to find neatness when cohabiting with roommates, especially with ones you don’t know very well. I’m thankful for a private bedroom and bathroom! But what other things can you do to make the room look clean besides fixing your bed and vacuuming around? Organize your desk or tabletop areas is one way and that’s the very topic of this post. Now you must be thinking why? Why is this such a big deal? Would it even make a difference? It does, truly! Look at these pictures from before and after I organized.



It pretty much has all the same items and content in it, just rearranged and placed differently. I’m using the top of my dresser as our example today. This is where I have my everyday makeup, skincare products, contacts/glasses, and jewelry. It’s something I look at and use everyday so having it clean and organized would make it easier to know where my things are located while also staying pleasing to the eye. So I first bought a black and gold geometric tray to place my skincare products of moisturizers, cleansers, serums, sprays,etc. I bought this tray from Target on clearance for $12. Then to the right of it, I have this brown glittery bag to hold makeup that I use quite frequently. I purchased this from Forever 21 for $4. Having this creates an easy cleanup process as I throw all the items back in after doing my makeup in the morning.  It’s also easily portable for an on-the-go makeup look. To the left back corner of my desk, I have a jewelry stand for hanging up my necklaces, bracelets, bangles, and a few of my rings. I bought this from Target for $15 and as you can tell, I go for more of yellow gold jewelry and room accents. On the right corner, we have a raised mirror platform that I purchased from Marshall's for $7. I place my watch box, perfume, hair clips, and contact case, as well as the contact solution. Also on this mirror, I have a small pink bejeweled container that holds various pairs of earrings. Without it, I would be losing my earrings left and right. Lastly, I put a personal touch of photographs on a gold rack and attached them with mini binder clips. The pictures are filled with special people and memories to brighten up my day since I look at this tabletop every morning and night.


I hope you enjoyed this quick post about how I organize and learned a trick or two to help get yourself organized as well. All it takes is a few simple steps to take your room to the next level. Thanks again and talk to you guys next week!





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