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October 3, 2017


Hey Loves!

These past few weeks I have been networking at a lot of business events and I realized I constantly wear the same professional outfits over and over again. Business marketing is my current major so, as a career, I am required to wear "business professional" or at least business casual. But the standard business look doesn't really suit my fashion tastes. I want to build up a collection of outfits that I actually enjoy wearing! But business suits and professional clothes are expensive, especially if you want a higher quality one that will last. So I decided to go thrift shopping. Now, if you believe you are better than purchasing used clothes, then this may not be the post for you but I, personally, appreciate thrift shopping greatly. You can find unique items and get them for a steal!  



I made a trip to my local Goodwill and started combing through the racks. I mainly like to look for one-of-a-kind pieces or basic staples that everyone should have in their closet. My first pick was a large light yellow blouse with a few roses embroidered onto it. I, then, found another embroidered sweater with potted plants in the middle. Recently, I have been drawn to items like these because they come off as higher quality artwork that will actually stay on, unlike printed shirts. Next, I found two basic pieces which were a large gray sweater and a light denim long sleeve blouse. I am in love with big sweaters and layering jackets, even in the Florida weather because I'm usually in places like work or school where it gets cold. 


Later, I came across two pieces that I was not sure about. One was a woven looking blouse with multicolored stitching. Usually my mom would go for something like this but our styles don't really match up. But I thought that by pairing it up with either brown or green slacks, it could actually be a cute business casual outfit. The other was a multi-blue blouse that had a see-through designed fabric. After actually trying it on, I had so many outfit ideas on which I could throw this on top and it would become the statement piece. When thrift shopping, you really have to try something on and not judge based off the hanger. Lastly, I finally found some professional business items. I found a well fitting fuchsia blazer, a Houndstooth patterned pair of pants, and two pairs of flowy slacks. One was a dark olive green and the other was navy blue. I like these type of long, baggy slacks because they remind me of a fashion designer vibe to them (only in my dreams). They also are very comfortable and look like they actually fit unlike basic slacks sometimes do. 


So I ended up getting a few business pieces but also some just for my casual closet. Most of the items I purchased were $3.89 and the highest price was $5.69. The total came out to $45! If I bought this all at a regular department store it would've came out to 3 or 4 times that amount. Thrifting is a cheap and easy way to find new items for your closet, so let your creativity run wild!











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